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With a focus on quality and sophistication, the summer 2017 issue of the InCompany by Attire Club magazine explores the fashion world in an original and creative manner. Featuring interviews with creative talents, style guides, stunning photography and carefully curated products and travel recommendations, the goal of the magazine is to present more than the typical fashion publication.

Capturing a compelling image of the fashion world, the issue covers both the independent and mainstream areas of fashion.

Because our goal is to celebrate the movers of shakers of the fashion world, this issue bring to forefront interviews with designers such as Akaravuth Pantumwanich, the creative mind behind the iCONiC brand, Barbara Alli, a designer whose work lies at the heart between Europe and Africa, Juan-Carlos Gordillo, the Guatemalan fashion designer who conquers the heart of the stylish women of Austria and more.

We even learn how to make a dress for a man from designer to stars, Juergen Christian Hoerl, who, besides numerous female celebrities has created many outfits for Eurovision winner Conchita. Moreover, we discuss non-fashion with Tigran Avetisyan, a controversial designer who celebrates upside down fashions.

The magazine discusses fashion with Alfonso Herrero, who is influencing fashion through his blog and Instagram and break down the outfits of the highly elegant Kim Andersson from Sweden.

And because France is a place where fashion is at home, we are offering fun and dynamic travel file on the Hexagon and, especially Paris. We also talk to French innovator Pauline Guesne, whose work is currently bringing to the market the first shirts that don’t catch stains.

Because we want every Attire Club man to be in great shape, we have asked for advice from fitness trainer Dror Cohen, who gives some great insight into working out and sports.

And to top it all off, what if we told you that you can wear bow ties with lichens? Yes, designer Sebastian Roncea has invented just that.

In pure Attire Club style, the magazine is also sprinkled with style guides, a selection of watches, summer recommendations and more, including a roundup of great AC representatives from our Man of the Day project.

And that’s what we call a magazine for the complete man!


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