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Creative, select and thought-provoking, the spring 2017 issue of the InCompany by Attire Club magazine invites its readers to a journey on the lesser-beaten path in the world of fashion and style.

Featuring classic Attire Club style guides, interviews and beautiful photography, the fifth issue of the magazine is your companion for a stylish spring season.


The cover story of the issue is a visual journey across Central and South America. As East-West relations in the world tend to become thinner, new North-South relations will be the bridges of fashion and culture.

The portfolio features photographs taken by talented artists who are sharing their view of clothing, accessories and overall style in countries such as Peru, Nicaragua, Chile and more.


In this issue, we are taking a dive in the world of state of the art swimsuits, as Frank Wautier of the French label Kalypse shares information on how his label managed to use body scans to give the modern diver a fresh experience. We are also discovering the Sven-Holger label, who draws its inspiration from the Swiss city of St. Moritz and who feature men’s jewelry in their collection made by Bentley & Skinner, London (Jewelers by Royal Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen and H.R.H. the Prince of Wales).



And, speaking of Switzerland, Swiss model Marco Varga shares his insights in the modeling world and we also learn on the ups and downs of being a model from Brazilian modeling sensation José Falcone. We’re also giving a different perspective to modeling in our dialogue with Mitch Brown, a modeling agency manager from the States.


Because fashion and style are multifaceted worlds, we have done a very insightful interview with Sikh fashion blogger Karamjit Singh Maniani, who discusses how he incorporates his turbans into his daily outfits, how he deals with not cutting his hair and what he makes of turbans on the runways of the world.


Our Current Obsessions roundup is this time all about a single brand: Porsche Design is one of our go-to labels, which is why we are featuring our favorite items from their latest outings.

Our Mood Board is all about the Jewel Book of Duchess Anna and Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria and features some must-see paintings of 16th century jewelry.

The April 2017 issue of the magazine covers a lot more, including an Attire Club Notebook portfolio of photos in which we recreated the outfits worn by men in famous paintings. Our interpretation was two-fold: first, dressier and then, casual.


There’s a lot more to discover in the magazine, including an editorial on fashion as a bridge between your social self and your inner self. Because style is all about who you are and what your relations to the world are.

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