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InComany by Attire Club October 2018

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The October 2018 issue of InCompany by Attire Club is centered all around the idea of rebellion.

The autumn edition is covered by maverick designer and entrepreneur Maximilian Büsser of MB & F, whose watches are anything but ordinary: they are veritable works of art which carry with them entire stories and emotions, expressed through an avant-garde, beyond-futuristic aesthetic.

In this issue, we also meet with fashion designer Eliran Nargassi, who works on merging his past, which he felt was conflicting with his personality, with his own feelings and emotions.

In the style guides section, we discuss not only autumn essentials, but also the very symbol of rebellion itself: the leather jacket.

Moreover, we dig deep in the past and look at the origins of wearing ripped clothes. Just as a hint, it was not 80s teens who did it first.

The issue also takes a good look at the idea of “trendbreakers” – the people who defy trends only in order to create new ones and there’s also a special article on how the clothes you wear express, voluntarily or not, your ideology and view of the world.

In the category of “metafashion”, we take a look at how looking inside your soul and being self-aware is a process that can help you be a better man and less in conflict with yourself. It’s not vanity if you do it right!

The travel and culture section takes us to Kiev, one of Eastern Europe’s most captivating capitals. And speaking of capitals, there’s a big feature on the 10th anniversary of Vienna Fashion Week, an event which reflects very strongly the state of Central European fashion.

Besides all these articles, there’s a lot more to be discovered: the trends of the season, an interview with Gus Dantas of Exodia Beachwear, a mood diary and a look at cool fashion and technology projects and uses.

In the art and culture segment, we’re taking a look at the 2018 edition of the Transylvanian International Piano Competition, a musical event that celebrates creative youngsters from around the world.

With over 100 pages, the autumn 2018 edition is a great companion for an afternoon or more spent under a nice, colorful tree.


You can order a beautiful print copy, which comes in high-quality paper and which is perfect to read on your travels or spare time. The timeless content also makes it a great addition to your coffee table, collection or library.


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