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InComany by Attire Club December 2018

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This season, at Attire Club, the holidays came early, as the 12th issue of InCompany by Attire Club is released right on the very first day of winter.

The cover title is “In with the NEW” and sums up the theme of the magazine, which is renewal and finding light in the darkness. Hence, you’ll notice not just the cover, but an overall overarching theme of photos that play with deep contrasts.

It’s a festive issue and a celebration of the good things of the past, but also a look at the new things that lie on the horizon.

In pure IC X AC spirit, the magazine features some captivating interviews with fashion movers and shakers. In this regard, the opening interview is with Frédéric Godart, a French professor focusing on analyzing the connections between fashion, style and society and who is also the author of the famous book “Unveiling Fashion: Business, Culture, and Identity in the Most Glamorous Industry”.  In the interview, he discusses trends, the place of menswear in fashion and whether the concept of Fashion Week is obsolete.

In other features, we meet it-boy Marco Ferri, beauty queen Tamar Morali – the Jewish woman who took a year ago the Miss Germany contest by storm and Viennese blogger Martin Ehmele. And, speaking of Vienna, there is a whole focus on shopping in Vienna and a special look at the Karl Lagerfeld store.

As in every issue, there is a look at the history of fashion – we take a look at the origins of “Diamonds are Forever” – how this catchphrase has become a cultural phenomenon and also discover the latest in fashion and tech, with a look at the Swiss Torland jeans, which feature pockets with special anti-radiation protection.

The Current Obsessions section is bigger than ever: called Starry Starry Night, it focuses on a plethora of stunning watches.

And there’s a lot more besides all this to be discovered: a look at the top three most misused fashion terms (read the article to make sure you use them rightly), a style portfolio of our own style experiment, a Mood Diary focusing on details of court clothes of the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe, articles on watches and more.

And, since we’re launching the magazine early, there’s a big roundup of amazing things to look ahead (from a Rolls Royce and a Bentley to champagne and cufflinks by Chopard), complimented by quotes of wisdom from far and wide.

This is the December 2018 issue of InCompany by Attire Club in a nutshell. It’s a great read for all those who are traveling, for those looking for inspiration or for those who enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while looking outside during the frosty season.

You can order a beautiful print copy, which comes in high-quality paper and which is perfect to read on your travels or spare time. The timeless content also makes it a great addition to your coffee table, collection or library.